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Sound Proofing your Doors or Windows

Do you have noisy windows, it helps to know about how sound is made and travels.

To help we thought it would help to understand the sources of noise and how they add up to create a problem, if you're near a main road or airport, bus route, school, are their ambulances or police cars these add up to a lot of external noise to your property.

Not only can noise be stressful and irritating studies have shown it can have a negative effect on health and happiness, but there's more, the continuous noise is something you can get used to, although it can be reduced drastically.

The real issue is the transitory noise that is not constant so buses, airplanes and other loud noise that passes by.
For some in high built up areas, noise can come from police and ambulances, school noise and general traffic noise.

The solution

soundproofglass1Acoustically Laminated Glass
reduces high-frequency sounds by altering the wave pattern of the sound energy
This can prevent lowers certain noise frequencies providing acoustic protection of much thicker glass.

Using the glass of different thicknesses in double glazed windows will help
to eliminate the occurrence of the Coincidence Dip. Critical frequencies will change depending on the thickness of the glass. Sound frequencies that escape past the first pane of glass will not be of the right frequency to go through the thicker pane of glass.
Bringing both Acoustically Laminated Glass with 2 or 3 differing thicknesses would significantly improve the sound insulation against high-frequency noises.

The loudness of a sound is typically measured in Decibels (dB). Comfortable noise level for humans is around 35dB However at night, this reduces to 30dB, even so we can detect sounds between 0-130dB.
A reduction of 5dB makes a noticeable difference to the noise level.

A 10dB change will have the effect of halving the perceived intensity of the sound in most cases.

Our doors and windows can benefit from many acoustic sound proofing techniques

  • Draft proof
  • Perimeter Sealing
  • Acoustic Laminated Glass
  • Increase Air gap -can increase sound insulation by up to 3dB.
  • Incorporate Glass of Different Thicknesses blocks different frequency noises
  • Triple Glazing
  • Super Spacer

We offer sound proofing technology as an option on any door or window we manufacture.

If you need a bespoke quote for sound proof windows or doors please let us know.


Benefits of Acoustic Glass

  • Reduces Noise level
  • Single Glaze up to 5db 25%
  • Double Glazed up to 10db 50%
  • Special PVB interlayer for enhanced insulation performance
  • High Acoustic performance with IGU
  • Absorbs harmful UV rays up to 99%
  • Reduces Heat Loss
  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Increases Safety and Security, as glass is hard to smash

Acoustic Glass Options
Available Thicknesses
from 6.8-12.8mm

Other options
Solar Control
Self Cleaning
Glazing Bars